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Across the country, the public school experience for children with significant disabilities is often confined to special needs classrooms. Though guaranteed a free, appropriate public education by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1975, children with complex, multiple disabilities often struggle to gain access to a typical classroom of their peers. Certain Proof unveils the life of three families and the individual challenges they face as they fight for their children’s education and, ultimately, their future.

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Ray Ellis

A Director, Videographer and Cinematographer with over twenty years experience in commercial and documentary production, Ray Ellis is Co-Owner of Footpath Pictures along with his wife, Susan. Since 2003, they’ve produced dozens of documentaries specializing in international productions. Clients include CARE (Peru), The Nature Conservancy (Guatemala, Namibia) and Cross-Cultural Solutions (Costa Rica). Previously, Ellis freelanced eleven years shooting commercial and marketing projects in the U.S. and Europe. In 1996, he joined SouthPeak Interactive filming their 35mm motion film productions and later became Manager of External Product Development. In 2000 he was hired as Manager of Producers for Alternate Route Studios, producing and directing broadcast commercial spots.

Susan Ellis

Susan Ellis started her career in 1988 working as an Associate Producer and later Producer in corporate and commercial video and film productions. In 1996, she became the Creative Director for SouthPeak Interactive where she oversaw the creation of all film, video and graphical game assets. Following the events of 9/11, Susan, along with her husband Ray, decided to leave commercial production to pursue a more meaningful career. Ultimately, she discovered the power of documentaries and now uses her producing and writing skills to help non-profit organizations share their stories with the world.

Footpath Pictures Inc.

Footpath Pictures is a documentary production company dedicated to inspiring social change through film. They cover topics ranging from public education to the environment, from health and human needs to peace and reconciliation. Whether capturing sacred places in Guatemala, the endangered Black Rhino in Namibia or the wisdom of a child fighting cancer, Footpath finds stories that have the potential to truly engage audiences and offer hope and vision for a better tomorrow. In addition to raising public awareness, their films have played an integral role in raising millions of dollars for non-profit organizations here and abroad.

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